Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend

We packed up and headed to the lake for the long weekend- despite the weather forecast.  Even though it rained most of the day Saturday, we were able to "baby-proof" the boat so Hayley and Mac's daughter can run around without scaring the adults to death.  After that project was completed, we were able to sit back, relax, play cards, and shiver.  It was so windy and wet that we packed up early Sunday morning and headed home.  Poor Travis caught a cold and spent all of Monday in bed with a fever.  Thankfully he's feeling better~ his last day of the school year is tomorrow!  No plans for this weekend yet, but I'm sure we'll be celebrating the start of summer.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Windy Days

Four more days until Travis is done teaching the 07-08 school year!  He finished his last administration credential class this Thursday...anyone need a principal? :)

We're sill experiencing the crazy winds...I heard on one news station that the wind speed is upwards of 35mph; that's not so extreme, it's just that it has been blowing constantly for 48 hours.  It was so loud last night it kept me up - I kept expecting a branch to break off and crash though the window.  It's suppose to calm down tonight.  

Hope you are all withstanding the weather!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


We spent the weekend at the cabin, celebrating Sara's graduation from her masters program.  We successfully pulled off a surprise party for her and everyone had a blast, even the dogs got into the spirit of things.  Congratulations Sara

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

As most of you know, I'm close to 30.  I thought I had finally grown out of my skinned knee stage of life (with the exception of last Thanksgiving).  For me, that stage of life started as soon as I could walk and I thought I grew out of it right after high school when I stopped playing soccer.  I guess I was wrong.  This morning I took Belle and Tanner for a short run.  I mean a short run.  I made it about 20 yards before Belle, who was running on my right side, decided to turn left in front of me.  It happened so quickly I didn't have time to dodge her and we both took a tumble.  Well, I skid down the path more than I tumbled.  I ripped up my knees just like in high school.  
This time I even have road rash on my left shin- although the camera didn't pick it up well.  I was so mad.  I have finally gotten into a workout routine: run, weights, yoga, and nightly walks with the dogs.  Now I have to put the runs and yoga on hold until the scabs build up enough to rapidly bend my knees and put pressure on them (during the cat pose, for example.)  I'm going to be amping up my weight training, trying to compensate, but it's still going to be hard doing leg weights.  Anybody in blogland have suggestions on low-impact workouts?  Right now my knees are so swollen it's hard to make them straighten out all the way. *sigh* That's the way of life, right?  My mom saw my knees a couple of hours after I fell and she kept saying, "That's how you spent most of your youth." Well, yeah, but it was fun then...the worse the wound, the bigger the props you received from your friends.  Now I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to work tomorrow...I usually sit cross-legged on the floor and crawl around on my hands and knees.
On a good note, we had a great Mother's Day dinner at my parents' house.  Laura was the focus of my camera - as usual ;)  After dinner, she and Grandpa went swimming and had a great time.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Time for pictures of our family :)  I really had nothing else exciting to post about so I'm defaulting to my favorite photography subjects.  I'm always amazed at how Tanner has the ability to look like two different dogs.  Look at how different he looks when his ears are back.  

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday :)

I'm finally feeling better.  I'm guessing that I didn't have a sinus infection after all, since four of my little ones called in sick this week as well. My fever is gone, but I still have a lot of congestion.  I worked a bit this morning and have the rest of the afternoon off (due to said clients' being sick).  It's always nice to have a surprise afternoon off~ I have already gotten so much done: ran some errands, paid the bills, cleaned the I'm starting another baby hat for my mother-in-law's next trip to Guatemala.  Hopefully I'll have it finished by the time she leaves later this month!
Travis is spending the weekend finishing his last few projects and finals for his administration credential.  He has two more weeks of school and then we're both finished with education -for a while, at least ;) We're really looking forward to all our mini-trips this summer.  If anyone wants to go camping, hiking in the Sierras, or go water skiing/wake boarding at Don Pedro, give us a call!  We'd love to meet up and visit with all our long lost friends!