Thursday, November 29, 2007

Updates: Thesis and Thanksgiving

Have I told you yet that I'm ready to defend my thesis? Yep, finished the last draft a couple of weeks ago and have since been trying to get the professors on my committee to agree on two hours that will work for everyone. Nothing yet. I'm starting to get that anxious feeling. I've never been all that comfortable with the unknown, and not having a date to look forward to and prepare for is really getting to me!!! I'd defend tomorrow if I could, but I really doubt that will happen :(Anyway, Thanksgiving was wonderful this year! My in-laws, my parents, and my sister's family all gathered around a HUGE feast. It was great having everyone together; I think every time we gather this way, we all get more and more comfortable. Everything went smoothly- well, almost everything...except for the spill I took while walking Tanner.It all started a few weekends ago at the half marathon Travis and I ran. The day after the marathon, my left foot hurt every time I stepped down on it. After a week of moaning and complaining, I went to the doc who said it was only tendinitis. His advice was do some stretches, take some ibuprofen, and wear stiff shoes. So for the last week I've been wearing my old, beat-up Danskos because they are the stiffest shoes I own that still allow me to crouch down and work with children. Fast forward to Thanksgiving...Between dinner and dessert, a bunch of us took the dogs out for walk(me in my Danskos instead of running shoes, of course). It was probably only 6:00pm or so, but it was pitch black. Everything was going fine until we rounded a corner and Tanner pulled to my right. I took a step to follow him and apparently stepped off the "curb" (these mountain roads don't have real curbs, they are just layers of asphalt over silt and gravel, with dirt ditches on the sides for drainage). Needless to say, my middle name being Grace and all, I totally rolled my ankle and fell down. Don't worry! It wasn't the ankle on my tendinitis foot, it was the ankle on the other foot; the same ankle I sprained last year while crossing the street in Santa Cruz...yes, crossing the street. How? Stepped in a hole while wearing my *surprise* Danskos!!! Yes, so back to Thanksgiving, I was sitting in the dirt, saying "Damn!" when my mom came over and asked if I was okay. I got up and shook my ankle out; we laughed about how I now have to alternate my limps between both feet, and then I touched my knee...Yep, a nice big rip in my BRAND NEW black pants that I bought for work and threw in my bag at the last minute. That totally put me over the edge and I wanted to cry. I was so mad that I ripped my pants. Such a Margo-thing to do. So we finished our walk and when we got inside the cabin, I examined the hole- only to discover that I have blood running down my leg. I totally scraped my knee up. Are you kidding me?! I haven't had a bloody knee since high school. LAME. So here I am, almost a week later, with a big scab and bruise on my knee. So lady-like, isn't it? *sigh* Some things never change, right Mom? :)I hope everyone else had a nice holiday.P.S. Congratulations Sarah and Mike! I can't wait to meet Reese!

Monday, November 19, 2007


We spent the past weekend in the mountains with our parents and I was reminded once again how lucky we are that our parents enjoy spending time together. We were able to join them this weekend, but most weekends both sets of parents go up the mountain, my parents and Travis's parents eat dinner together without us! They both have cabins in Mi Wuk Village about a quarter of a mile apart on the same road. How lucky for us! If one cabin is full, we walk down to the other! We're planning on having Thanksgiving up there at my parents cabin, with Hayley, Mac, Laura, Ed, and Linda. I don't know that many people that can say they spend the holidays with both sets of parents. I know a few people that have to have two meals just to make both families happy, or split up the holidays because of distance or lack of time, and it always reminds me of how lucky I am that my in-laws and my parents are friends as well as family. So I just wanted to take a minute and give thanks for the family that I have and the opportunities we're giving to enjoy spending time with one another.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Big Sur Half Marathon

WE DID IT! Travis and I ran a half marathon on Sunday in Monterey. They give you a chip to track your individual time (since it took us over two minutes to even cross the start line). Our "unofficial (chip) times" were: Travis 2:16:11 and Margo 2:19:38. My goal was to finish in under 2:30 and to run the entire thing without stopping and I did both! I am more sore than I have ever been in my entire life. I ran miles 1-10 comfortably, but miles 11-13.1 were incredibly difficult! My parents made a weekend of it and came over to support us. It was so awesome to see them near the end of mile 12 when I most needed the cheers to keep running to complete my goal. Travis was 12 seconds from his goal of 2:15...12 seconds! Amazing. He wasn't able to train as much as I was because of his time commitments to his administration credential, but only 12 seconds! I'm so proud of us for completing our first (and only) half marathon. You can see more pictures at Thanks again, Mom and Dad, it means a lot to us that you were there to cheer and take pictures!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Still sick

I can't believe I'm still sick. I've dodged the last couple of colds, but I get this one right before the longest race I've ever run. I still have three days to heal, and I'm doing what I can- but I'm afraid it doesn't look good. I'll keep you updated. Anybody have any healing tips (besides vitamin c and tea?)

Saturday, November 3, 2007


November came to our house coated in illness. Travis picked up a sore throat in SF last weekend and because we share everything, gave it to me on Halloween. Needless to say, I was in bed by 7:00pm while Travis was at class. Sorry Trick-or-Treaters, I'll make up for it next year! I was lucky enough to take Friday off and sleep most of the day. As you can see, even Tanner was a little under the weather. Hopefully we'll both be back to regular by next Sunday for our 1/2 marathon!

We went to my first ever hockey game Friday night and watched the San Jose Sharks lose to the LA something or others. It was still exciting and I can't wait to go to another one. Travis's father gets tickets every once in a while and it was so nice of him to ask us to come along! Thanks Ed and Linda, we had a blast :)

Today, Travis is catching up on his grading as well as his own school work for the adminstration credential and I just finished my latest draft of the thesis~ 52 pages! Crazy. I'm hoping to defend in two weeks or so...I really want to be done by Thanksgiving, so please keep your fingers crossed!!!