Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wedding Bliss

This weekend one of Travis's closest friends and his wife celebrated their love in a beautiful wedding ceremony. The wedding was held at a private residence on a bluff over Manresa State Beach. The view was amazing and the company was wonderful. I took a ton of photos, but want to share them with the the newlyweds before I post them. I will sneak in this one photo, though...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

22 Weeks

We had our 1/2 way ultrasound last Friday at 21 weeks. Everything looked good and heartbeat was strong. I don't know if knowing that things are going well changed things for me or if we just had a growth spurt, but WOW I popped out this week! I still have people telling me that I'm not really showing yet, but I think it's because I wear loose-fitting clothes and don't talk much about being pregnant. For a while it was really getting to me that people were saying that, even though I knew it was in no way a negative comment. I think I was coming from a place of fear that there was still a chance we could loose this one too. Should I be showing more? Why wasn't I? Was the pregnancy not progressing again? Why were so many people commenting on it? Instead of being a rational human being like I normally am and realizing that it's probably because I have a long torso and the baby is going to rest up and down, not out, I was reacting emotionally (couldn't possibly have been the hormones). After seeing the heartbeat again and seeing how much the baby has grown, I feel much more at ease about everything. So here's a picture of me and Baby Walsh at 22 weeks. March 1st is getting closer and closer!!!!

On a side note- a huge congratulations to our friends Gina and Kyle. They welcomed their twin girls into their family yesterday. Welcome Genevieve and Arianna, we can't wait to meet you!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

20 weeks

Today we are officially 20 weeks pregnant! I'm a little surprised at how quickly the weeks are going. I'm finally feeling better. I still tire easily, which frustrates me, but I don't feel carsick all anymore :) I still get headaches (one every few days or so, and they last allllll day), but they haven't triggered any migraines yet, so I'm trying not to complain. I thought they were stress related, but I have one today and I'm on vacation, so I think it must be more hormonal than I realized. Oh well...half way there, right?