Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dr. Oz

In a previous post I mentioned that I only really watch Oprah for Dr. Oz's information. Turned on my dvr last night to watch yesterday's episode and what do you know, it's Dr. Oz's last day. He's going to be starting his own show in September. Woohoo! I'm so excited by that. As part of the farewell episode, Randy Pausch's wife skyped in to talk about like without Randy (of Last Lecture fame). Dr. Oz chipped in about a conversation he had with Randy, right before his death. This quote struck me- to my core- and I thought about it all night...
"Hope is just making sense of things,"
--Randy Pausch

I'm trying to apply that to my life, and I'm stuck on the verbiage. For myself, to I see hope as the process of making sense of things or having made sense of things as they pertain to me. I'll think about it for the rest of the day and get back to you on that. In the mean time, what do you think?

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

We had a short and sweet Mother's Day Breakfast at my mom's house yesterday. The weather was perfect, the children were happy, and the food was great! Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Okay, so Travis and I have been so thankful for the creation of the DVR. We've had one since 2004 and have slowly added more and more shows to our queue. As of today, we have 16 shows. SIXTEEN! How did this happen?! It's not like we have a lot of time to sit and watch television. Not all of the shows play at the same time of the year, and we usually save most of the week night shows until the weekend, where we can watch a few at a time. Some of the shows are must-sees, some we watch because they're no-brainers and we can zone out while we watch them, and some we each watch without the other. Because I know you're wondering, I've listed the ones we regularly watch. Are there any that we're missing that you absolutely have to watch?
In no particular order...
1. Chuck- This we started watching because it came on before Heroes. It's getting a little old...
2. Heroes- LOVE IT! Can't wait to see what happens each week.
3. Private Practice- We started watching this because it was Addison from GA. It's pretty good, but I can't stand "Naomi's" character. I don't really know, she just bugs me.
4. Desperate Housewives- It was better in the beginning, but I'm a creature of habit so I still watch it.
5. Brothers & Sisters- Love it! I really wanted Kitty to leave Robert (even if he is Rob Lowe!) and move in with the dreamy park guy. *sigh* oh well.
6. The Mentalist- it sounded better than it really is. I like trying to catch what Jane sees as he sees it, but I can't stand the dark-haired boss.
7. Lost- Oh, how I love it! We started watching at the second season because we had just moved back from Hawaii and we were missing it and all our friends there. Quickly got sucked in and fully believe Juliet and I could be friends if she ever moved to Turlock ;)
8. Grey's Anatomy- Started watching this from the get go because I've had a crush on Patrick Dempsey ever since Ronald bought Cindy a white leather jacket with fringe in Can't Buy Me Love.
9. Southland- I'm a tad bit embarrassed to admit that I started watching this because "Ryan" from the OC is on it. Oddly, we started watching the OC while we were living in Hawaii, missing our California friends and family (remember the opening song "California"...yeah, we'd sing it every time we watched it...)
10. Friday Night Lights- I don't know how or why we started watching this...sometimes this happens when you own a DVR.
11. Jon & Kate Plus 8- I don't really know why I watch this one. I can't stand the way Kate talks to Jon or the children, but I'm amazed that anyone can live with 8 children. And geez...have you seen their new house?!
12. Oprah- I'm over Oprah, but I really like Dr. Oz and some of her guests are worth hearing Oprah repeat everything that's said to her as if she said it herself.
13. Ellen- Funny girl!
14. Deadliest Catch- Travis's choice, but I get sucked into it, too.
15. CSI- But only the Las Vegas one, and I miss Grissom.
16. Numbers- Travis's other favorite for obvious reasons.
Keep in mind that we don't watch all 17 shows every week. That would be just silly!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Runnin' Weatha

I'm loving the weather these's breezy, partly cloudy, and the sun is setting later every day. Only problem I have now is going to the gym. Why go to the gym when I can go out my door and run or walk the canals with my husband and dogs? I think I need a schedule of gym days (for yoga, mainly) and canal days. I tried taking the dogs for a run yesterday, and only Tanner could make it. I had to drop Belle off at my parents' house because she wanted to walk after a quarter mile. Poor thing, we're all a bit out of shape, but I think she's the worst. What does she expect?! She sleeps (snores) all day and sleeps (snores) all night. Don't all Labs live that life? I swear she's dreaming of running on the beach...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Relay for Life, Turlock continued...

I missed the purchase window for the candle bags to honor my grandmother, Laura, so Travis and I did the next best thing. We opened a great bottle of wine and toasted the memory of a great woman. Cancer took her from us physically, but she is with us every moment of every day.

Relay for Life, Turlock

One of my oldest family friends, Kristin, co-chaired the Relay for Life this year at Turlock High School (five houses down from our house.) We walked by first thing this morning but were unable to bring our dogs inside (we figured as much), and didn't make it back until 8 this evening. I was so moved by the whole presentation that I wasn't able to stay for the Luminaries Ceremony (I hate to cry in public.)