Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things to come

I know this is a glimpse into the future and I absolutely love it.
Tanner and Belle have been our babies for five years and we know we've treated them as such.  In order to prepare for the human baby that is due any day now, we've borrowed a baby doll from my mom's house and have been carrying it around with us and referring to it as "The Baby."  We can tell that Tanner came from a home that had children because he is completely attentive to the doll as an individual and is soooo gentle with it.  He sniffs it, but doesn't get near the head, even though he will look at the doll's face.  Belle, on the other hand, came from a young couple that didn't have children.  We think that she thinks it's our new toy (which, it kind of is, I guess).  She gets really excited whenever we have the doll out and follows whomever is holding it.  She listens really well whenever we're holding the doll, so I have hope for her :)
I took this picture after Travis fell asleep on the couch holding the doll~ doesn't it just warm your heart?!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

38 Weeks

Okay, here it is...Week 38.

running behind

I know I'm late posting the Week 38 photo, but I just can't seem to get to it! While I was working I kept postponing things that needed to be completed until I was on leave because I'd have so much time then, right? Bahahahaha!!! (Wiping a tear from my eye)...now I know. There is NEVER enough time. Travis calls it nesting, and I suppose he's right, but it has not taken the form I imagined. Yes, I cleaned and organized the baby's room, but that was out of necessity not desire. I had to finish taking out all the office stuff so it could really be the Baby's Room instead of the storage room. Then I had to find a home for all the displaced items (let me warn you should you come over for a visit- do not, I repeat, DO NOT open any closets you may come across!!!) Yes I washed, dried, and folded all the baby clothes, but that's because I'm somewhat allergic to the...(crap, pregnancy mind...what's it called? Staffing?) stuff they use on new clothing items for shipping and packing. Always have been, always will be...which leads my wandering mind to defend my expensive decision to use all natural baby wash. Let me tell you, I LOVE Seventh Generation products because of the lack of scents they use, and the baby degergent is no different! I used to enjoy the smell of Dreft but my defenses have withered away or the company has upped the amount of scent additive in the bottles, because I cannot NOT sneeze when I smell the stuff.
Anyway, back to nesting... now that the baby's room is done and the rain has stopped (temporarily so I've heard) we decided to tackle the yards. Not smart. I get so frustrated that I can't operate at my old level of physical exertion. I tried to hula hoe the flowerbeds because I know I can't kneel down and weed anymore, and it was still to much for me. I ended up hobbling around for a couple of days grabbing my lower back and moaning to anyone that would listen, "Oh, my back!" Because of said injury, I haven't been able to walk the dogs and now I have to endure their sad, pleading puppy eyes.
Other than that, I've been attempting to nap during the day because I can't sleep more than two hours at a time at night. I'm not a good napper (oh how I hope this changes when the baby gets here!) so I end up watching daytime tv and playing on the computer instead. I keep reminding myself there's only 2-3 more weeks of this discomfort...then Baby Walsh will be here.