Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Things to come

I know this is a glimpse into the future and I absolutely love it.
Tanner and Belle have been our babies for five years and we know we've treated them as such.  In order to prepare for the human baby that is due any day now, we've borrowed a baby doll from my mom's house and have been carrying it around with us and referring to it as "The Baby."  We can tell that Tanner came from a home that had children because he is completely attentive to the doll as an individual and is soooo gentle with it.  He sniffs it, but doesn't get near the head, even though he will look at the doll's face.  Belle, on the other hand, came from a young couple that didn't have children.  We think that she thinks it's our new toy (which, it kind of is, I guess).  She gets really excited whenever we have the doll out and follows whomever is holding it.  She listens really well whenever we're holding the doll, so I have hope for her :)
I took this picture after Travis fell asleep on the couch holding the doll~ doesn't it just warm your heart?!


Hilary said...

Oh my gosh! When this picture first popped up, I thought it was your real baby! All of a sudden, it was like, "Wait...did I miss the birth of Baby Walsh??"

Adorable picture, though, and adorable story about how the pups are responding to the doll. :)

Kristin said...

I thought I missed the birth, too! You are so cute, Margo! You and Travis are going to be awesome parents!! Hugs!

Sara said...

I loved this pic when you first put it up. In retrospect, I love how attending Tanner is and Belle is just biting his ear wanting to play. Kind of funny how fitting it is!