Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baby Booties

Seems that I only knit for babies these days :) Luckily there have been quite a few babies born this spring and there are a few more due this summer. I've stuck to booties, and I think this is my new favorite pattern for little girls. They look so dainty!

 Feels like just yesterday that Adaline was wearing a pair of booties that Hilary made for her. This makes her three-year-old feet look so big!

 Before you know it, the three-month-old is three years old *sniff*

Hopefully the booties fit, they look so small...and if they don't, I guess I'll just have to make another pair :)

Congratulations, Matt and Julie- We can't wait to meet Baby S!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Almond Blossom Festival

Looking back through my blog posts, I realized I never posted on my fun encounter with one of our photographers at the Ripon Almond Blossom Festival.
Kori Heuvel took our family photos in the fall of 2011 (which I am just know realizing that I posted on FB and NOT on here~ how did I miss that?! I will go back and fix that ASAP!)
Anyway, Kori and her husband had a booth set up at the Festival and were doing quick photo shoots, with proofs available immediately for purchase (and really, who could pass these up?!) 

She had the cutest old-timey props out for our selection and that completely broke the ice with Adaline. She thought the old tricycle was the best thing ever and immediately started talking to Kori about it. And when Adaline is relaxed and talkative, Spencer is relaxed and smiley. It was hard to limit myself to buying just four pictures, because I felt like there were so many good ones to choose from. 

I think the idea of a quick photo booth is fantastic, and with Kori's skill, these amazing shots were taken within 10 minutes!!! It was so much fun, and I look forward to next year's booth :) If you live in the area, keep your eyes open for Kori and her husband and know that you're getting an amazing deal if you decide to participate! Thanks again for the opportunity, Kori!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Second Half

So, did I mention I ran a half marathon in March? It was awesome. I have been running since I was in college- well, really, I've been running since junior high because of competitive soccer, but I started running without soccer in college. Started as a nice escape from one my roommates and her crazy ways, and turned into a nice habit. I go through cycles in my life of running and not running, and I knew that if I wanted to be able to run with two kids, I would have to start running again as soon as I could after giving birth. I had great plans to run through both pregnancies, but was only able to make it a few weeks into both pregnancies before the time was better utilized for sleep :)
Anyway, my doc gave me the all clear to start running again seven weeks after Spencer was born. I wasn't fast, but I was out there. I ran because it was something I could do for myself. So I ran. I continued to run all through the winter and then I decided I needed a goal. I had run a few 5Ks and they were fun, as they usually are, and my time was improving with each one, but I was ready for a new challenge. So I signed up for the Modesto half marathon in March and started training in January. Well, I should say Travis and I started training. It was a time and energy commitment for me, but it was a time and support commitment for Travis, too. Thankfully, he understands my hobby and my decisions, and he helped support me as I trained for and finished my second half marathon. 
My goal was to finish in 2:10. My parents, my sister, Travis and our kids came to support and cheer me on at the finish line. I told them based on my training history, there was no chance that would finish the race before 2 hours. my surprise, my chip time was 1:59. 1:59!!!! I was under two hours! 
I'm still running and I still love it, but honestly, I don't miss the long training days. At the bib pick-up the day before the race, I ran into an old friend's brother who is also a runner. He told me that I should train for a full-marathon, and I told him that wasn't for me... and I stand by that- 13.1 miles is far enough for me. I did it (twice!) and I may do it again in the future, but I really don't have the desire or the knee strength (thank you, soccer) to run for four hours. I admire all those who can and do multiple marathons even, but I'm happy as a half-marathon runner. 

Thank you, Travis, Adaline, and Spencer, for understanding that Saturday mornings were Mommy's long run days :)
Thank you, Mom, Dad and Hayley for coming to cheer me on in the longest run of my life! I swear your presence in the last 200 yards are what gave me the energy to sprint in and make it under two hours (by seconds!!!)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Parade in Sonora

My dad has been dreaming of driving the grandkids in Grandpa Great's Model T in a parade all winter, and since the summer parade circuit has started he finally had his chance!
It was already warm at 9:30, but they all piled in (expect Spencer, of course) and started waving...

 Adaline was so excited to be apart of the parade. She was nervous, but sitting next to Grandpa made everything better and she could not stop talking about it once it was over. As she looked at these pictures with me today, she said, "I was scared of the horses. But then we started going and the horses were gone and then I wasn't scared anymore and it was FUN!" I don't blame her, there were soooo many horses and when you're barely 3 feet tall and still under 30lbs, a horse is a huge being.
We met back up with my dad and the kids at the Sonora fair grounds for lunch in the shade before the rodeo started. We weren't able to stay for the rodeo this time, but maybe next year!
Grandpa spent a little quality time with Spencer at lunch to make up for being too little for the parade and Spencer was in heaven :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spring Break

My mom made us promise not to throw her a huge party for her 60th birthday this year, which my sister and I agreed to...instead, my mom told us she wanted us all to go away to a beach house for a week.  Um, okay, but only because it's your birthday, Mom! :P 
She picked out a beautiful place in Carpinteria, and we all enjoyed every inch of the place (okay, truthfully, I would have enjoyed it more if i had slept through at least one of the nights- thanks, Spencer.)

It was a fantastic week away (even if we were sleep deprived). The area is beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the company was amazing. Happy birthday, Mom!