Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Parade in Sonora

My dad has been dreaming of driving the grandkids in Grandpa Great's Model T in a parade all winter, and since the summer parade circuit has started he finally had his chance!
It was already warm at 9:30, but they all piled in (expect Spencer, of course) and started waving...

 Adaline was so excited to be apart of the parade. She was nervous, but sitting next to Grandpa made everything better and she could not stop talking about it once it was over. As she looked at these pictures with me today, she said, "I was scared of the horses. But then we started going and the horses were gone and then I wasn't scared anymore and it was FUN!" I don't blame her, there were soooo many horses and when you're barely 3 feet tall and still under 30lbs, a horse is a huge being.
We met back up with my dad and the kids at the Sonora fair grounds for lunch in the shade before the rodeo started. We weren't able to stay for the rodeo this time, but maybe next year!
Grandpa spent a little quality time with Spencer at lunch to make up for being too little for the parade and Spencer was in heaven :)

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