Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We're trying to go to Santa Cruz this weekend, since we missed our last planned trip due to that horrible flu bug.  Hopefully, the weather will stay beautiful so we can go hiking.  I would like to take a few pictures to post up here- one probably being the huge sailfish my father-in-law caught in Mexico, which is now hanging in their dining room :)

I plan on getting a massage while Travis is surfing, so hopefully I'll be in a great mood on Monday, the start of the third month of 2008.  I know I've already lamented on how quickly this year is passing, but I'm STILL amazed by it!  It's already MARCH.  How did that happen?!  At least it's going to be an eventful month: Hayley, Mac, and Little Laura will be welcoming a new baby into the family, my dad's birthday is coming up, AND Travis will be on spring break.  Yay!

Not to mention, Turlock is starting to turn green again.  Even though I'm tormented by allergies, I love walking along the canal with the dogs and seeing the freshly turned soil and apple blossoms.  As much as I love winter, I also love spring- sitting outside and enjoying the 70 degree weather, seeing all the flowers bloom, and enjoying the way the shadows start to lengthen as the days get longer.  Even though time is passing too quickly for my liking, I like where it is taking me!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rainy Day

Aren't rainy days wonderful?  We did the yard work last weekend, and I cleaned the house yesterday, so today consists of watching old movies and listening to the rain.  You all know how much I love old movies!  The one we're currently watching has Jason Priestley and Corey Haim in it.  Both of them have permed mullets.  Lovely!  
I guess the only news I have is that I cut my hair off again- 10 inches!  I grow it out for a couple of years and then cut and donate it to Locks of Love.  Now it's about chin length.  I'll post a picture soon.  

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Jana Warda

I am so sorry to say that Jana Warda has passed away.  She was in a horrible car accident in San Diego, where she and her mom were living.  The worst part is that her mom was in the car right behind her and watched the whole accident play out.  Her family has suffered many tragedies in the last few years and this adds one more to the list.  I went to school and played soccer with Jana, and have some wonderful memories of her.  Please keep her family in your prayers.


Yep, that's how hot I am.  Or was.  Apparently it's a 36 hour bug and I am on the tail end of it.  I'm now back in the 99s and feeling so much better.  I still have a lot of congestion in my chest, but at least I can stand up today.  Travis is running around like normal so that gives me hope that I'll be back to my old self tomorrow.  I hope you are able to avoid this illness- it knocked me on my butt!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone had a romantic day!  I didn't :(  We tried our best, but Travis has been sick for two days (temp of 102!!!) and I started to feel the effects today.  I came home and shivered uncontrollably for two hours, gave up trying, took a bath, and now I'm typing from the warmth of my bed (I'm wearing thermals, cuddled in flannel sheets, with a down comforter, AND an extra blanket on top) while Travis is attending his first day of his last semester.  Ick. I think I'm in for a rough year: first sick on my birthday, now sick on Valentine's Day, what's next?  Funny side note, I took my temperature when Travis first ran a fever, and it was 96.4 (that's about average for me) and then took it again this afternoon- 98.1...doesn't that qualify as a fever? I think so ;)  Enough for me to go to bed early and try life again tomorrow. 
Anyway, I lifted this survey from another's blog because I know you all want to know more about our relationship (in all honesty, I'm being selfish- I believe in the power or thought to heal, so I'm thinking beautiful things to keep my mind off my cold!)
Happy Valentine's Day!
How long have you been together? 9 years this March

How long did you date? Four years before getting engaged, then one year being engaged, and this June we'll celebrate four years of marriage- oh my gosh, I can't believe time has gone by so quickly!

Who eats more? Depends, when I'm running, I think I do, but Travis eats more small meals throughout the day to give him energy to discuss and lecture about math stuff.

Who is taller? Travis, until I wear heels

Who sings better? Oh, me...Travis is tone-deaf (first person I've ever meet who is)

Who does the laundry?
 Usually me, but sometimes Travis helps me out.

Who does the dishes? We both do, but I think he does more of them (he spoils me)

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me, it's closer to the bathroom

Who pays the bills? I do, with all the money that Travis makes ;)

Who mows the lawn? Travis, I have a fear of lawnmowers (my uncle cut off his toe mowing the lawn when he was a kid, and that story has stayed with me)

Who cooks dinner? We both do- we actually fight over it sometimes, we both love to cook.

Who is more stubborn? 
I am, definately.

Who said "I love you" first? He did (although we were both on the verge of it- you know, that point in a relationship where there's an awkward pause after a conversation? Yeah, we were there for a week or so)

Who proposed? Wellll....I proposed about a year into the relationship and would throw it out there every couple of months.  It would make Travis mad because he said he was suppose to propose (he's so traditional :P ) Travis proposed to me on President's Day of 2003, at my favorite beach in Kauai.  Took me by such surprise that I left my flip flops on the side of the road after we hiked out- which he kindly reminds me about every chance he gets!

Who has more siblings?
 We both have loving sisters.

Who wears the pants in the relationship? We both do---you can't wear a skirt and sit criss-cross-applesauce with small children ;0)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Goodness, it has been some time since I'm posted anything on here...could be because we have so much going on or it could be because we have nothing going on :)  I think it's a little of both.  We went to our godson's second birthday- I can't believe he's two already!  If his mom okays it, I'll put up a picture of him soon.  To hold you over, I've posted a couple of pictures from our last rain storm (you know, the one that lasted 9 days).  I personally loved the rain.  I enjoy sitting by the fire reading a good book or going to bed early and listening to the rain on the roof.  The best part is how much snow has graced the mountain region.  I think it was enough to pull us out of our projected drought year.
Oh, I almost forgot...I voted today.  I've been able to vote for 10 years, and I still get a thrill from voting!