Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We're trying to go to Santa Cruz this weekend, since we missed our last planned trip due to that horrible flu bug.  Hopefully, the weather will stay beautiful so we can go hiking.  I would like to take a few pictures to post up here- one probably being the huge sailfish my father-in-law caught in Mexico, which is now hanging in their dining room :)

I plan on getting a massage while Travis is surfing, so hopefully I'll be in a great mood on Monday, the start of the third month of 2008.  I know I've already lamented on how quickly this year is passing, but I'm STILL amazed by it!  It's already MARCH.  How did that happen?!  At least it's going to be an eventful month: Hayley, Mac, and Little Laura will be welcoming a new baby into the family, my dad's birthday is coming up, AND Travis will be on spring break.  Yay!

Not to mention, Turlock is starting to turn green again.  Even though I'm tormented by allergies, I love walking along the canal with the dogs and seeing the freshly turned soil and apple blossoms.  As much as I love winter, I also love spring- sitting outside and enjoying the 70 degree weather, seeing all the flowers bloom, and enjoying the way the shadows start to lengthen as the days get longer.  Even though time is passing too quickly for my liking, I like where it is taking me!

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