Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Swim Lessons 2013

This year's swim lessons went MUCH smoother than last year's...thanks in part to Adaline being a year older, having more time in our pool, and the small numbers in her class. Last year there were 5-8 kids, this year...3. The whole two weeks, just three kids. It was great. Adaline received so much time with the instructor that she was comfortable trying all activities. 

 It's amazing to see how much she's grown in one year. She is such a strong little girl, that I have no doubt she's be swimming with the big kids next year :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Concert in the Pines

Way back in June, we went to our first concert in the pines of the season. Adaline remembered the concert from last year and was sooooo excited to put on her dancing skirt and dance with everybody. 

Spencer wasn't too sure about the dancing, but he loved his new chair :)

By the end of the concert season, Spencer was out in the middle of things, just like Big Sister.

When we weren't dancing, we were visiting with family.

We had to miss the very last concert of the year because of the Rim Fire, but it was a small price to pay to keep our babies lungs safe and free of smoke. Thankfully, the fire is now completely under control and the communities can start the recovery process that follows every fire.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Central Coast Friends

While we were in Shell Beach we called up our local friends and begged them to come play with us.
I have known Brooke since our freshman year in college. We both have two young children so we jump at the chance to spend any time at all together, no matter how short it may be. This time, Brooke was able to bring her youngest over, whom we had yet to meet- and she was able to meet Spencer. After an hour of play time, we met up with her husband and older son for a few minutes before they had dinner with their families...at the resort we were staying at! I love when life works out for all of us :)

Getting to know each other

Isn't he beautiful?

Pretty good pic for four adults and four young children :)

We were also able to catch up with our other good friends, Mike and Michelle and their darling girls for dinner and a walk on the pier. The last time we visited with the Phares family was our last trip to Avila Beach in 2011. I can't believe how much our families have grown!

Travis and Mike met in college, too- only fitting that we were both able to visit with our college friends!

We were reminded, yet again, that we have wonderful friends and that we were blessed with time to catch up with them in person. We keep in touch with social media, but nothing beats getting a real hug from a loved one that you haven't seen in over a year.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shell Beach

Back to catching up on our summer happenings...
In mid-July, we spent four days in Shell Beach with Travis's parents. It was nice to get out of the valley for a while and enjoy the ocean air. The weather was perfect, and the company was great, too!
Grandpa and Grandma Walsh brought kites to fly on the grassy bluff...well, that was the idea, but the kites had other plans. I had never seen kites like these before so I wasn't much help in getting them to fly...instead I stood back and documented the process :)

 It was fun to watch everyone struggle with the kites then rejoice when they were airborne, no matter how short-lived it was.

The view from the hotel was amazing. I don't think we had a cloudy day the entire time we were there, the mornings had a little marine layer, but it aways burned off quickly. 

 (another pic of attempting to fly kites)

 I took a long run out to the point in the left part of the picture above and looked back upon the spot where this actual picture was taken- it was pretty cool to see, but I can't seem to find that picture : /

Of course we went to the beach a few times...

...and we discovered that Shell Beach is only shelly in the morning- which works out well when you're trying to play in the sand, because, really, who wants to post up on a whole bunch of shells?

We went to the Avila Barn and Petting Zoo on one of the mornings.  We had a blast feeding the animals and taking a tractor ride to pick our own fresh peaches.

We had an enjoyable four days in one of our favorite parts of the state. I can't wait to go back when Spencer is a little older and we're able to do a little bit more as a family. Soon enough...until then, I'll keep looking at the pure joy that radiates from my children's faces in these photos :)