Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How to Build a Greenhouse 101

Step One: Find a helper. A daddy will do.
Step Two: Tell helper what parts go where. 
 Step Three: Bang on the parts that don't go together easily.
 Step Four: Let the helper fix it.
 Step Five: Admire finished product.
 Step Six: Tell helper he did a good job helping you.
 Step Seven: Admire work a little bit more.
 Step Eight: Water the new seeds!
There you go! Now you, too, can build your own greenhouse for your summer garden.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I did it!

I finally branched out of my scarf and hat comfort zone and attempted to knit a sweater.
It took me a couple of months because I kept putting it aside for weeks at a time, but I did finish it!

I struggled the most with the seaming- I looked up multiple youtube videos, but it's just not as good as having someone sit next to you and walk you through it. 
I finished the sweater just in time to send it to my friend Brooke who just had her second baby. 
I hope it fits!

(I know the baby doll looks a little creepy, but I wanted to see how the hood looked...)
I can't wait to try another...maybe I'll finish this one in time to put on our new baby!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Adaline's Party

Like I said, we had a small family gathering for Adaline on her birthday. Even a small family gathering fills our table and requires us to pull out the kiddy table.  We were going to have Adaline sit in her high chair, but soon as she saw the Kids' Table, she bee-lined for it and refused to leave. A new era has begun... I can already tell we're going to have to pull out the Kids' Table from here on out.

 We sort of had a Minnie Mouse theme going, and my mom surprised us with this poster of Minnie that she drew free-hand. Amazing. That artistic gene obviously skipped me, but Adaline may have it. Her favorite activity at the moment is coloring. I have my fingers crossed for her!
 Adaline had a great time playing with the kids before we sat down to eat, but her serious side came out when it was time for presents. I don't think she smiled once. She loved the presents, but you wouldn't have known by looking at her at that point in time!

 Finally, a smile!
 She's a bit too young to peddle the bike herself, so Grandma Great did her part to help push Adaline along with her cane.

After everyone left, Adaline really got into her toys. She would not put the kitty cat down, so I took this little video to send to Aunt Sara to say thank you. The video was so darn cute I had to share it with everyone.

Happy Birthday, Adaline!

Today was Adaline's second birthday. I can't get over how quickly time is passing. How can Adaline be two years old already?! We had a small family gathering to celebrate Adaline and I have quite a few pictures from that to go through, but I wanted to share one of Adaline's gifts...

Guess who has a big girl bike!

 There's even room for her babies to ride along with her. 
Happy Birthday to my sweet Adaline. 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winter Weather?

I took this picture on January 30, 2012. It has been such a strange winter this year. Hardly any rain, and when we did get rain, it was only for two days. I love the rain. I wish I could move to Seattle and be in the rain all the time; I always look forward to winter. This winter has been so disappointing to me that I want it just hurry up and pass by and get on with spring already. Even though I'm missing the rain, I am still enjoying the beautiful sunsets were having. This is a completely unedited photo. Nature never ceases to stop me in my tracks and make me take notice. 

~Here's to an early spring~ 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy New Year!

Yes, yes, I know it's late February- but I haven't blogged about our lives since Christmas! Sheesh!
What have I been doing all this time?! Oh, right, working, chasing a toddler around, growing a baby AND knitting! No wonder I haven't blogged in over two months.

Here is a picture of me taken in early January, where I'm roughly six and a half months pregnant. I look totally different now and I'll post more recent pictures as I work my way through my back log of photos.

Back to the New Year...how was yours? We didn't do much as far as ringing in 2012, which was nice. We were both exhausted from the fall semesters at our jobs and flying though the holidays right after that. So if I remember correctly, we watched a little dvr and went to sleep. It was wonderful.

After our *huge* New Year celebration, I skipped town for a night to visit my even-more-pregnant friend Brooke. We met up halfway between our towns and spent a night talking. Oh, and we had a delicious, leisurely, child-free meal. The only thing missing was a nice bottle of wine...

As soon as I returned, we jumped in the car and drove to Santa Cruz to visit Adaline's Grandma and Grandpa. We took a long stroll along West Cliff Drive and enjoyed the fresh sea air. 

The next day we tried to go to a beach, but finding a beach was hard to do. This is a huge wave winter for the coast and most of the beaches were being sucked out by the currents. So we kept our distance and watched the 10-12 foot waves from the park in front of the beach. 

Grandpa checking out the waves

As soon as we returned from Santa Cruz, we went back to work. All in all, it was a great holiday break, but we were all exhausted by the end. As all you parents know, traveling is hard, but traveling with a child (and two dogs!) is even harder.