Saturday, February 25, 2012

Adaline's Party

Like I said, we had a small family gathering for Adaline on her birthday. Even a small family gathering fills our table and requires us to pull out the kiddy table.  We were going to have Adaline sit in her high chair, but soon as she saw the Kids' Table, she bee-lined for it and refused to leave. A new era has begun... I can already tell we're going to have to pull out the Kids' Table from here on out.

 We sort of had a Minnie Mouse theme going, and my mom surprised us with this poster of Minnie that she drew free-hand. Amazing. That artistic gene obviously skipped me, but Adaline may have it. Her favorite activity at the moment is coloring. I have my fingers crossed for her!
 Adaline had a great time playing with the kids before we sat down to eat, but her serious side came out when it was time for presents. I don't think she smiled once. She loved the presents, but you wouldn't have known by looking at her at that point in time!

 Finally, a smile!
 She's a bit too young to peddle the bike herself, so Grandma Great did her part to help push Adaline along with her cane.

After everyone left, Adaline really got into her toys. She would not put the kitty cat down, so I took this little video to send to Aunt Sara to say thank you. The video was so darn cute I had to share it with everyone.

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