Tuesday, June 24, 2014


 We spent spring break in Carpenteria with the family. It's the second time we've visited this beach house and it is still perfect or our needs. Walk right out the back door to a soft sand beach. Our kids are still too young to want to spend hours at a beach, so this set up is perfect. Walk out back, play for 20-40 minutes, go inside, come back out an hour later and repeat.

We celebrated Hayley's birthday here this year with her closest friend and her family of 5. We had a houseful for the party!

Happy Birthday, Hayley, and thanks again to my parents for setting everything up and taking care of all the details. We loved it and had a blast!

Easter 2014

Easter morning was so much fun this year…After examining the goods the Easter Bunny left for the kids we headed outside to find the eggs...

We hid and re-hid the eggs over and over and over that day…and it was fun every time. I have so many memories of my sister and I doing the same thing that I was happy to do it for my kiddos.

We had both sets of grandparents over for Easter brunch. The weather was perfect for a peaceful meal outside, then we hid the eggs some more :)

He cracks me up- Lil Don Johnson...

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Spencer's 2nd Birthday

Spencer turned TWO in April. I can't believe how strange it is to type that…how can he possibly be two? It's been a crazy two years, and he (and I!) have come a long way :) He is talking so much more now, he is potty training himself (yay!) and he LOVES to play and joke around. Seriously, he jokes. He loves to make people laugh and once he figures out how to get you going, he keeps at it until he's tired of the game. It's one of my favorite personality traits of his and I hope it sticks around.
Anyway, we had the family over for dinner and cake. Spencer's favorite part was the presents, of course :)


And this is Spencer giving Grandpa Ed the stink eye when Grandpa Ed decided to check out the tractors. It went on for good 30 seconds before Grandpa Ed put the toy back down. Then Spencer was able to move on to opening the other presents. 

Such a little man!!!

On to cake!

Happy Birthday to you, Spencer!


Apparently I can only handle one hobby at a time (and I've been knitting up a storm lately!!) which means my poor blog has been put aside- yet again…

So here's what we did this spring…we found snow! One of the only snow storms to hit our area this year was in April. APRIL. 

We took a day and played around in the snow. I feel like Adaline has always been adventurous in the snow, and Spencer is quickly following her lead. We had to head up pretty high to find snow to sled in and even then, it wasn't more than 6-8 inches deep. 

With two small kids, this was the extent of our sled run…a hiking path that was relatively untraveled and had a slow gradual slope… and I do mean slow and gradual slope. 

We had a blast and were peeling off the layers by lunch time. Sat down to a quick picnic, then homeward bound. 

(Look! I was there!)

Hopefully we'll have MUCH more snow next year!!!