Sunday, June 22, 2014


Apparently I can only handle one hobby at a time (and I've been knitting up a storm lately!!) which means my poor blog has been put aside- yet again…

So here's what we did this spring…we found snow! One of the only snow storms to hit our area this year was in April. APRIL. 

We took a day and played around in the snow. I feel like Adaline has always been adventurous in the snow, and Spencer is quickly following her lead. We had to head up pretty high to find snow to sled in and even then, it wasn't more than 6-8 inches deep. 

With two small kids, this was the extent of our sled run…a hiking path that was relatively untraveled and had a slow gradual slope… and I do mean slow and gradual slope. 

We had a blast and were peeling off the layers by lunch time. Sat down to a quick picnic, then homeward bound. 

(Look! I was there!)

Hopefully we'll have MUCH more snow next year!!!

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