Sunday, June 22, 2014

Spencer's 2nd Birthday

Spencer turned TWO in April. I can't believe how strange it is to type that…how can he possibly be two? It's been a crazy two years, and he (and I!) have come a long way :) He is talking so much more now, he is potty training himself (yay!) and he LOVES to play and joke around. Seriously, he jokes. He loves to make people laugh and once he figures out how to get you going, he keeps at it until he's tired of the game. It's one of my favorite personality traits of his and I hope it sticks around.
Anyway, we had the family over for dinner and cake. Spencer's favorite part was the presents, of course :)


And this is Spencer giving Grandpa Ed the stink eye when Grandpa Ed decided to check out the tractors. It went on for good 30 seconds before Grandpa Ed put the toy back down. Then Spencer was able to move on to opening the other presents. 

Such a little man!!!

On to cake!

Happy Birthday to you, Spencer!

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