Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone had a romantic day!  I didn't :(  We tried our best, but Travis has been sick for two days (temp of 102!!!) and I started to feel the effects today.  I came home and shivered uncontrollably for two hours, gave up trying, took a bath, and now I'm typing from the warmth of my bed (I'm wearing thermals, cuddled in flannel sheets, with a down comforter, AND an extra blanket on top) while Travis is attending his first day of his last semester.  Ick. I think I'm in for a rough year: first sick on my birthday, now sick on Valentine's Day, what's next?  Funny side note, I took my temperature when Travis first ran a fever, and it was 96.4 (that's about average for me) and then took it again this afternoon- 98.1...doesn't that qualify as a fever? I think so ;)  Enough for me to go to bed early and try life again tomorrow. 
Anyway, I lifted this survey from another's blog because I know you all want to know more about our relationship (in all honesty, I'm being selfish- I believe in the power or thought to heal, so I'm thinking beautiful things to keep my mind off my cold!)
Happy Valentine's Day!
How long have you been together? 9 years this March

How long did you date? Four years before getting engaged, then one year being engaged, and this June we'll celebrate four years of marriage- oh my gosh, I can't believe time has gone by so quickly!

Who eats more? Depends, when I'm running, I think I do, but Travis eats more small meals throughout the day to give him energy to discuss and lecture about math stuff.

Who is taller? Travis, until I wear heels

Who sings better? Oh, me...Travis is tone-deaf (first person I've ever meet who is)

Who does the laundry?
 Usually me, but sometimes Travis helps me out.

Who does the dishes? We both do, but I think he does more of them (he spoils me)

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Me, it's closer to the bathroom

Who pays the bills? I do, with all the money that Travis makes ;)

Who mows the lawn? Travis, I have a fear of lawnmowers (my uncle cut off his toe mowing the lawn when he was a kid, and that story has stayed with me)

Who cooks dinner? We both do- we actually fight over it sometimes, we both love to cook.

Who is more stubborn? 
I am, definately.

Who said "I love you" first? He did (although we were both on the verge of it- you know, that point in a relationship where there's an awkward pause after a conversation? Yeah, we were there for a week or so)

Who proposed? Wellll....I proposed about a year into the relationship and would throw it out there every couple of months.  It would make Travis mad because he said he was suppose to propose (he's so traditional :P ) Travis proposed to me on President's Day of 2003, at my favorite beach in Kauai.  Took me by such surprise that I left my flip flops on the side of the road after we hiked out- which he kindly reminds me about every chance he gets!

Who has more siblings?
 We both have loving sisters.

Who wears the pants in the relationship? We both do---you can't wear a skirt and sit criss-cross-applesauce with small children ;0)

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Mike and Sarah Paskin said...

Great survey! ;)

Hope you feel better soon...