Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Second Half

So, did I mention I ran a half marathon in March? It was awesome. I have been running since I was in college- well, really, I've been running since junior high because of competitive soccer, but I started running without soccer in college. Started as a nice escape from one my roommates and her crazy ways, and turned into a nice habit. I go through cycles in my life of running and not running, and I knew that if I wanted to be able to run with two kids, I would have to start running again as soon as I could after giving birth. I had great plans to run through both pregnancies, but was only able to make it a few weeks into both pregnancies before the time was better utilized for sleep :)
Anyway, my doc gave me the all clear to start running again seven weeks after Spencer was born. I wasn't fast, but I was out there. I ran because it was something I could do for myself. So I ran. I continued to run all through the winter and then I decided I needed a goal. I had run a few 5Ks and they were fun, as they usually are, and my time was improving with each one, but I was ready for a new challenge. So I signed up for the Modesto half marathon in March and started training in January. Well, I should say Travis and I started training. It was a time and energy commitment for me, but it was a time and support commitment for Travis, too. Thankfully, he understands my hobby and my decisions, and he helped support me as I trained for and finished my second half marathon. 
My goal was to finish in 2:10. My parents, my sister, Travis and our kids came to support and cheer me on at the finish line. I told them based on my training history, there was no chance that would finish the race before 2 hours. Well...to my surprise, my chip time was 1:59. 1:59!!!! I was under two hours! 
I'm still running and I still love it, but honestly, I don't miss the long training days. At the bib pick-up the day before the race, I ran into an old friend's brother who is also a runner. He told me that I should train for a full-marathon, and I told him that wasn't for me... and I stand by that- 13.1 miles is far enough for me. I did it (twice!) and I may do it again in the future, but I really don't have the desire or the knee strength (thank you, soccer) to run for four hours. I admire all those who can and do multiple marathons even, but I'm happy as a half-marathon runner. 

Thank you, Travis, Adaline, and Spencer, for understanding that Saturday mornings were Mommy's long run days :)
Thank you, Mom, Dad and Hayley for coming to cheer me on in the longest run of my life! I swear your presence in the last 200 yards are what gave me the energy to sprint in and make it under two hours (by seconds!!!)

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