Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's Runnin' Weatha

I'm loving the weather these days...it's breezy, partly cloudy, and the sun is setting later every day. Only problem I have now is going to the gym. Why go to the gym when I can go out my door and run or walk the canals with my husband and dogs? I think I need a schedule of gym days (for yoga, mainly) and canal days. I tried taking the dogs for a run yesterday, and only Tanner could make it. I had to drop Belle off at my parents' house because she wanted to walk after a quarter mile. Poor thing, we're all a bit out of shape, but I think she's the worst. What does she expect?! She sleeps (snores) all day and sleeps (snores) all night. Don't all Labs live that life? I swear she's dreaming of running on the beach...

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