Wednesday, October 21, 2009

22 Weeks

We had our 1/2 way ultrasound last Friday at 21 weeks. Everything looked good and heartbeat was strong. I don't know if knowing that things are going well changed things for me or if we just had a growth spurt, but WOW I popped out this week! I still have people telling me that I'm not really showing yet, but I think it's because I wear loose-fitting clothes and don't talk much about being pregnant. For a while it was really getting to me that people were saying that, even though I knew it was in no way a negative comment. I think I was coming from a place of fear that there was still a chance we could loose this one too. Should I be showing more? Why wasn't I? Was the pregnancy not progressing again? Why were so many people commenting on it? Instead of being a rational human being like I normally am and realizing that it's probably because I have a long torso and the baby is going to rest up and down, not out, I was reacting emotionally (couldn't possibly have been the hormones). After seeing the heartbeat again and seeing how much the baby has grown, I feel much more at ease about everything. So here's a picture of me and Baby Walsh at 22 weeks. March 1st is getting closer and closer!!!!

On a side note- a huge congratulations to our friends Gina and Kyle. They welcomed their twin girls into their family yesterday. Welcome Genevieve and Arianna, we can't wait to meet you!

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The Paskins said...

Again, you look GREAT!

When most people think of a pregnant belly, they're envisioning the 9-months-pregnant size. So when they see someone at 4-6 months, it's natural to say somehting like "you're not showing much!" I know, annyoing! But to think the embryo started as the size of a poppy, yah, it's grown A LOT!

Oh, and just wait until you ARE 9'll look back and think you were "small," too!

xoxo from our whole family :)