Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To go or not to go...

My ten year high school reunion is this summer and I cannot decide if I should go or not.  Usually, the shear fact that I can't decide would prompt me to say no, I don't want X badly enough to get it.  But two of my closest friends in high school have confirmed that that they are attending the reunion.  Any thoughts from fellow bloggers on whether I go or not?


Hilary said...

My completely unbiased opinion is to GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO. :)

Honestly though, I've spent the past ten years convinced that I would never attend a high school reunion. Most of our friends were older or younger, and I knew I would see you and Sar regardless of whether or not I ever went to a reunion. But then as it got closer, I realized that I would probably regret NOT going more than I would regret going, even if I ended up having a horrible time. There are people who were really nice in high school that I've completely lost touch with, and I think it will be cool to see them. Plus, it will be fun for the three of us to hang out. A reunion, I think, will bring up good memories that we may have forgotten.

But that's just my unbiased opinion, again. :)

The Paskins said...

I will hunt you down and drag you to the reunion, darn it! Isn't that the whole point of why we graduated in the first place? To leave so we could come back?

Buy your tickets now, Mrs. Walsh. Or I'm seriously going to hunt and drag.