Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Jersey

I just returned home from a three-day precision teaching conference in New Jersey.  Even though it was humid and rainy, it was beautiful.  I didn't anticipate seeing the beautiful colors of fall, so I didn't pack my camera.  Thank goodness for camera phones!  This was a little cemetery around the corner from the hotel.  One of the hotel workers told me that even the current colors are dull compared to the colors from a few weeks ago.  Apparently I missed the red part of the cycle, but the "dull colors" of New Jersey were still much more vibrant than the colors of fall in the valley.  *sigh* I love the East Coast.

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Sara said...

"I love the East Coast. "
There's something you don't hear everyday... I will say the only other thing the E coast has on us is awesome thunder storms.