Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Presidents' Day!

When I met Travis, he was working in the food service industry to pay his way through college.  When I decided I needed a job, he pointed me in the same direction (the most lucrative job a college kid can have in a vacation town!) Because of the years of service we've given to Valentine's couples, we opt out of celebrating our love on February 14th.  It loses a bit of it's luster after serving couple after couple after couple all wanting to take their time and be romantic while the manager is pushing people around trying to get tables to turn over fasterfasterfaster so more money can be made by all.  Yeah.  One of the most UN-romantic days of the year for us.  
I did feel a bit left out, though.  Everyone else was celebrating their love while we were exhausted and bitter.  After much consideration, we decided we would celebrate Presidents' Day instead of Valentine's Day.  Why you ask?  That's the closest we can get to narrowing down the timeline of when we met.  We think it was the week after Presidents' Day 1999.  And it was a Wednesday (my floor in the dorms had 9-0 night; a night where all the guys got together to watch all the girls watch 90210.) We were one of those gross couples that met and instantly became an item.  We were just drawn to each other and immediately became TravisandMargo instead of Travis and Margo.  
Tomorrow will mark 10 years that Travis and I have known each other.  It also marks 6 years ago that we became engaged to be married.  We will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary in June, but it sounds so short after saying 10 years.  When people ask us how long we've been married, we both respond, "5 years, but we've been together for 10."  Yes, we're proud!  So Happy Anniversary, Travis!  I picked the tulips pictured here for you because the first flowers/present you ever gave to me were four hand-carved, painted red tulips from Belgium- I remember you telling me "These will never die and no one killed them for their beauty."  They have been present in every house we've lived in and I hope to still have them displayed 50 years from now.

P.S.  If anyone knows where Kenny or Gus are from UCSC, College 8, DL, second floor, orner room, 1998-1999, please tell them thank you for hosting 9-0 night ;0)


Hilary said...

What a sweet post, Margo! And happy anniversary to you guys!

The Paskins said...

Happy Anniversary, Margo and Travis! I knew from the first time that Margo called me and told me about "this guy, Travis" how special your relationship would be. Congrats on an awesome 10 years, and here's to a whole bunch more!