Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank you, Aunties!

What is cuter than a sleeping baby?
A sleeping baby with beautifully hand-knit booties (Thanks Auntie Hilary!)

We're on the cusp of spring weather which makes it difficult to dress Adaline.  Thank goodness for my friends!  Between Hilary, the famous knitter, and Brooke, The Sock Drawer owner, Adaline's little toes stay toasty warm!  

(Forgive the fuzziness of this picture~ I'm not that good at holding the camera and taking close ups of myself.)  Adaline has already grown out of the infant socks on the right and doesn't quite fit into the larger socks on the left (just give her another week!), but Hil's booties fit her perfectly :0)
The temps are finally reaching into the low 70s and soon, Adaline won't need socks, so I'm plotting her outfits around her footwear (don't all women do that?! I'm just teaching her a life lesson early) to get the most life out off all of them.  Thank you again!

1 comment:

Hilary said...

Oh, I'm SO happy they fit her!!! Well, fit her for now, at least. :) And how cute are those little sockies from Brooke?!

Adaline is so precious, Margo - I can hardly stand it!