Saturday, November 27, 2010

Leftover Pumpkins

We live half a block from a field that was rented by a pumpkin farmer.  He buys pumpkin seeds from around the world and plants multiple varieties of pumpkins.  There was a hopping pumpkin patch for the month of October (R.A.M. Farms), you could borrow the wheelbarrow and pick your own pumpkins!  We visited the pumpkin patch multiple times, but never walked the isles.
It rained off and on all day today, but we were able to squeeze in a quick walk during the one and only sunny part of the day.
Our front yard:
The canal across the street:

Leftover pumpkins every where:

Adaline stayed warm in her weather guarded stroller:

 Belle put all those pumpkins in the stroller herself!
The most unusual pumpkins I've ever seen:

 Last rays of sun before the next shower started made the raindrops sparkle.

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