Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little Weekend Warrior

After two weeks of desk work, I asked Travis if we could hike around Pinecrest Lake so I could stretch my legs. We arrived at 10:30 in the morning and snagged the last parking spot (it was so busy!) Adaline was so excited to see all the people and dogs hanging out on the beach.

After our hike we pulled off our shoes and soaked our feet in the freezing water. Adaline has just recently decided she likes water and she splashed around so much she fell down and soaked herself. She didn't cry, just sucked in a breath- I think because the water was soooo cold! This late in the summer the water is usually chilly, but this was just plain COLD!
We met up with my family for an early dinner on the deck of the cabin. Of course we played for some time before dinner...
My dad picked up a tent at a yard sale for the kids to play in on the deck, only to find out it was missing the poles! Would my dad let that stand in his way of a good time? Of course not! This was the result...

Hours of fun...
 What could possibly get a little boy to laugh like this?
 A grandpa ticking him like this!
Dinner was delicious AND entertaining :)

Nothing says summer like watermelon~

After dinner we went to the Twain Harte Concert in the Pines and listened to a great Blues Bayou Band. 
(Yes, I finally broke down and cut bangs on Adaline; as much as disliked my own bangs growing up, I couldn't stand not seeing her eyes anymore. Mom, I understand now.)

Love this young girl playing in the band- she was good, too!
 Our concert buddies

 Can you see the family resemblance?
 Trace was rocking out on the blanket, and was the first one ready to dance.
 Adaline's first time on the dance floor; she was a hit. She had so many people come over to give her high-fives.
I really enjoy going to the concert in the pines. I love being surrounded by people who just want to visit and enjoy good music. Everyone is friendly and happy and you can have a really nice conversation with any stranger sitting next to you. By the end of the event, I always walk away feeling like I've gained a few more friends. These days, we don't get to stay for the whole thing because it starts AT Adaline's bedtime, but we try to stay as long as possible. This time we were able to make it all the way to 8pm! There are only a few more concerts left and I hope we can make it to at least one more.

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