Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ducky Derby 2011

Last weekend we spent a few hours in Twain Harte at the annual Ducky Derby. We knew there were afternoon thunderstorms headed our way, but we chanced it anyway. I'm so glad we did. Personally, I love thunderstorms, and watching one quickly blow in over the mountain range and over the lake was amazing. We went from calm, warm weather to windy, cold weather in minutes! Didn't stop us from having fun, though... 

The storm just off the lake, when we arrived.

Adaline LOVES little yellow duckies- her eyes lit up when she saw this giant one!

 I love how this captured Adaline and Sara chatting on the beach.

 ...and this captured Ed and Travis chatting on the bridge/dam.

 The storm picked up speed as it dropped over the lake.

 Travis and Adaline charging across the dam at Adaline's full running speed.

Just in time to see the duckies being released.

The smallest shirts they had were children's smalls, which is still a few years off for us. I hope we're still going in a few years so we can get one for Adaline.

Just after the ducks were released the storm hit us and thunder and lightening were right over us (a little scary, but so amazing to see!)

We took shelter on the beach to watch the rest of the race and the storm.
I loved it- and I think Adaline did too, once we had her wrapped up in her sweater and blanket. Here's to next year's derby!

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