Sunday, October 14, 2012

Moving on up...

Come on, you know you're singing the rest of the song in your head right now :P

When we registered for shower gifts for Adaline 2.5 years ago, we must of hit the wrong button because we accidently registered for 2 strollers. We received both of them and really debated what to do about it. I had my heart set on a BOB jog stroller, but couldn't justify spending that much on one or asking someone else to, so we went with a nice, durable stroller instead, I think it was Baby Trend or something like that. When we received two of them, it seemed like we were meant to trade them in and get the BOB, so we did! And I LOVE it. It has lived up to its hype and has survived 2 years of Adaline and my runs (and I'm rough on it!). We've (read: Travis) replaced the tubes in the tires multiple times thanks to the foxtails that line the canals, but that's it. 
Spencer is finally old enough to ride comfortably in the stroller for our short trips, and he seems to like it!

But, I knew I'd need a double for our longer walks and my runs. Can't take just one kid one a run and just leave the other hanging around the house now, can I?
When we started thinking about two kids, I started scouring Craigslist for used double BOBs, because we were definitely NOT going to pay full price for one of those (I hate paying full price for anything!!!) and... roughly 12 months later, I decided we would be going with an off-brand, because the used BOBs were still running $250. 
I found a decent one in Auburn, which was the closest one I could fine (still 2 hours away!!) so we set up a meeting for our way back from Travis's work conference in Reno last weekend. The original owners kept the stroller in great condition and we've used it multiple times in the last week. I even took it for a run the other day, and it handled really well!

I think the kids like it too! It's definitely harder to run with the extra weight of both kids (I mean, come on, Spencer weighed in at 16 lbs TWO MONTHS ago!!) But I think I'll get the hang of it and pick my speed back up soon- I hope!!!

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