Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We started our Halloween celebration a few days before Halloween by carving our pumpkins into jack o' lanterns. 

On the Friday before Halloween, we went to the local Farmer's Market to trick or treat, just like last year. Travis took some great photos, but we can't seem to transfer them onto the computer. 

On Halloween, the kids and I went to the library for a Halloween Story Hour. Turlock may be a small town, but it sure takes care of its little ones. It was a great, well thought-out production complete with trick or treating in the library (for toys and stickers, not candy!!)At the last minute, I put a different outfit on Spencer- I can't  believe he fit into the costume Adaline wore LAST YEAR!

That night, we went up and down our street to our neighbors and had a great time. Well, Adaline and I did, Spencer made it to three houses and crashed out so Travis took him back home.

Adaline had so much fun she worked up an appetite. She was so tired she had to prop her head up on her hand to finish her second dinner. 

THAT is a successful night!

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