Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time for bike riding

Travis and I were given bike funds for Christmas this year and it took us all the way until June to purchase them! I've said this in almost almost every post, but I feel like I can't say it enough. Time is passing so quickly and I feel like we're so busy all the time.
We found a great pair of bikes at Costco last month and decided to apply our funds towards them. Travis's bike has been wonderful, my bike immediately started making clicking noises so which Travis said was the result of a problem with the crank (?) So we took it back (love Costco!) and tried another one from them. Unfortunately, we had the same problem, so we took the second one back, too.  But in the meantime, Travis was given a bike trailer for his birthday and the kids love it!

Spencer doesn't love his helmet so much, but he seems to like riding in the trailer so he (loudly) puts up with the helmet. Put him on Adaline's old bike, and he forgets all about the helmet :)

I see many, many bike rides in our future.

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