Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mountain Weekend

After the Fourth of July in Turlock we packed up and headed to the cabin. Auntie Sara took us to a super secret lake that was the perfect size for our kids- it had a roped off wading area and a deeper swimming area with two floating docks (that I'm sure we'll grow into!) We had the place to ourselves for a good hour before people started trickling of the many benefits to having early-rising children :)

Adaline and Grandma and Grandpa walked halfway across the lake to wave at us from the other side.
 We only stayed for a few hours, had a picnic lunch, then headed back to the cabin to take a nap so we could save up our energy for the concert in the pines.

We stayed until everyone got a little tired...
...especially this one. Once he starts crying, the party is over :(
 Adaline tried her best to make him feel better, but he was done, so we headed home.

The next morning we went for a "nature hike" around the property.

Of course Adaline found the most treasures, but Spencer was fine with that because he found a cool stick to put in his purse :P
It was one of many great trips to the cabin that we were able to take this summer. It is so nice to be 1.5 hours away from a beautiful relaxing place. We are so thankful for every moment we get to spend there- even more so, now that it is directly in the path of the Rim Fire. We're all praying like crazy that the fire is contained or redirected before it crests the last hill that stands between it and the entire community surrounding our parents' cabins.

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