Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Family Hike

We've been able to be fairly active as a family of four...we go for walks, runs, and bike rides as often as we can, and we just recently went for our first hike. Adaline did the short hike with us while Spencer rode in the backpack. It was so neat to to have one child be able to carry her own weight!

There were so many berries and grapes surrounding the trail...

...and buzzards.
a little eerie.

 Adaline made a set of binoculars in school the week before our hike- perfect timing!

It was a beautiful

We even saw a few groups of rafters floating by.
It was a great intro hike for Adaline...walk a bit, sit and watch the river for a bit, then walk back. Hopefully she grows to love hiking as much as Travis and I do!

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