Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First Field Trip

Adaline's pre-school went on a field trip to the pumpkin patch- which just so happens to be at the end of our street :) Parents were invited to meet at the pumpkin patch so of course I went! We talked about riding the school bus for a good week before the trip...she was so excited, but a little nervous about the whole thing. Thankfully, she was comfortable with the pumpkin patch because we had already been there so many times before.  

She looked so excited to show her best friend Logan the pink tractor that she rode every time we visited.

The R.A.M. Farms has a great educational setup for the schools that visit. They are read a book about different types of pumpkins as well as a book about the growth cycle of a pumpkin.
Then they took a walk into the first part of the corn maze to talk about corn- how it grows, who eats it, and what else it is used for.

Next, they got a little snack and they got to pick out a pumpkin.

It was so wonderful to be able to experience Adaline's first field trip, one of the many benefits to working part-time and setting my own schedule.
More Halloween photos to come!

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