Sunday, April 13, 2014

Adaline's 4th Birthday Party

The gym that Adaline attends offers birthday party packages, and Travis and I agreed that it was the best idea for this year's party. Adaline's classmates and all their parents could come and someone else was in charge of setting up, entertaining the kids, and cleaning up!  

Spencer is still a bit to young to partake in the fun, but he didn't seem to mind too much :)
(Thanks to my wonderful sister, Hayley, for taking pictures for me!!)

 Later that night, Adaline was so excited to open everything and play.

Later that week, on her actual birthday, we took treats to school and Adaline was the special helper of the day.

That night she opened the last of her presents, the ones from us...

 I tried my hand at making doll clothes, and they turned out okay!

I especially love this picture, the sweater I made is on the blonde doll, and the dress my great grandmother crocheted 30 years ago is on the brunette doll. 

Happy 4th birthday, Adaline! It feels like just yesterday that I was waiting for your arrival, and yet you are already in pre-school, Pretty School as you like to call it. It is so fun to watch you grow up, making friends of your own, and being a great big sister.

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