Friday, August 8, 2008

The Secret Posts ;)

The day of good luck in some cultures :) 
On Sunday evening we found out that we're expecting a baby in April 2009!  We're so excited!  
Not too much is going on yet.  I've already experienced some nausea during the late afternoons, but nothing too bad yet.  Saltines and water seem to do the trick at this point.  I'm still walking the dogs and running short distances.  I'm doing yoga, but much less strenuously than before.  I'm waiting for my just-ordered prenatal yoga and pilates dvds to arrive so I can confidently do the moves that have been approved by experts.
It's so hard not to tell anyone!  I have an appointment on Sept. 10 with the midwife, but we've decided not to tell anyone until Sept. 20.  It's so far away!!!

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