Sunday, August 3, 2008


Travis and I closed the month of July by tagging along with Hayley and Mac and a few of their friends for a long weekend at the lake.  Friday and Saturday were great with a little bit of wakeboarding, tubing, and swimming.  Saturday morning we noticed a layer of smoke over the eastern ridge of the lake.  By nightfall, over 50% of the sky was clouded over, and around 9pm, we could see flames at the top of the ridge.  Sunday was also filled with smoke, so we fished a bit and came home in the early afternoon.  We opened our stack of newspapers to discover the fire we were watching was the Telegraph fire, just outside Yosemite.  As of today, a week later, it is 90% contained.  21 homes were destroyed and more were damaged.  I've added a picture of the smoke layer, as well as a beautiful sunrise (one of the perils of sleeping outside- you wake up EARLY).  Thanks for the great weekend, guys!

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