Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween already?

Happy Halloween!  Hayley and Mac have already visited one of the local pumpkin patches and purchased their decorations (baby not included in pumpkin!)
Trace is already 7 months old and cute as can be.  He's finding his voice and trying to talk to everyone.  Laura is 2 1/2 and completely potty trained!  Yay for Laura!!!!  Hopefully I will be able to post a few pictures of the kids in their costumes...I think Hayley and Mac are still waiting for Laura to decide what she wants to be....she's a big girl and wants to pick for herself :)
Can you believe Halloween is here already?  It was just Labor Day!  The stores already have Christmas decorations for sale *sigh*

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Anonymous said...

cute pics. i miss you! love, julie