Saturday, March 21, 2009

Belle's New Toy

For Christmas, we gave Belle and Tanner a new toy that looked like a little bear, with a squeaky piece right under the face. Belle immediately took to it and wouldn't let Tanner get close to it. After a few days, we found the toy in the back yard, with the face ripped open and the squeaky piece gone. Belle still picks up the toy gingerly and is incredibly possessive of it, it's just really scary looking- without a face and all. Last night, I picked up a new toy for Belle. It's a long cylinder fuzzy thing, with a smiley face on one end. I pulled it out of the bag and gave it to Belle, and again, she immediately took it and made it her own. She and Tanner actually fought over this toy. I can't remember the last time they fought!!! This morning, I went outside expecting the toy to be in pieces, shredded to a pulp. Nope, this is what I found instead.

Now, 14 hours later, this is what we have:

She did this herself! She settled into the carpet, then got up and went outside. She came back inside carrying the toy and wagging her tail. She then went right back to where she was previously and put her toy down to sleep right next to her. How cute is that?!

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Sara said...

Awwwww, so cute!!! I love those dogs more than Belle loves those toys.