Friday, April 22, 2011

Love, Love, Love...

looking into these baby blues. I would stare at them for hours on end...if Adaline would sit still long enough for that :)  This one is constantly on the go. She's cruising all over the place and taking steps here and there.  She's up to four steps at a time, but she's so cautious she sits down before she makes much progress.  We're working on it (for all my fellow Behavior Analysts...yes, I am fading my physical prompts...) and we're slowly moving forward. Haha!!!! Did you catch that? I just made a funny :)

*update* Adaline's decided she can walk now.  She will walk clear across the room it there's something she really wants, but she still spends most of her time and energy crawling- and MAN is she a fast crawler.

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