Saturday, April 16, 2011

Relay for Life 2011

The last time we attended Relay for Life, it was five houses down the street from us at the THS stadium. Now, it's a few more blocks away and it seems to be bigger than it use to be.  There were so many people and tents!  
 We were too late to buy a luminary bag, but I still enjoyed looking at all the other ones on display around the track.

 I loved these tents:

This little guy made me smile; he was walking around the track with his display board, hawking raffle tickets.
 These next pictures captured the feel of the event for me:

 This group of relayers were doing group exercises- after already being at the event for 9 hours!
 (Of course I had to include a picture of my favorite pair!)
Kristin~ this year's Relay for Life was the best yet!  You are amazing and I'm so thankful Turlock has you!!!

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