Tuesday, December 3, 2013


This year Adaline wanted to be a princess (surprise, surprise!) and Spencer didn't seem to mind the duck costume Adaline wore a few years ago. We didn't go all out with the princess costume, either. While shopping for one, I discovered you can spend upwards of $30 on just the dress. Um…no thank you :) We found a nice cool one (since it was still in the low 90s outside) and we used a handmade crown passed on to us from my favorite Miss Mary (it's still her favorite one!) This way I didn't feel bad about her wearing it for almost two weeks straight before and after Halloween, as well as to school. Wear it until it falls apart, Adaline! (We're now in December, and she still puts it on at least once a week.)

These beautiful photos were taken by Liz Evans at her Customer Appreciation photo shoot this October. I love that she offers this, and I take her up on it every chance I get! I swear she's the children's photographer-whisperer. She captured these and more in just 10 minutes. I try for 30 minutes and get just one okay-ish picture. And that's why she's the professional :)

Thanks again, Liz!

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