Sunday, October 21, 2007


We have this beautiful old house, built in 1944, with a large Sycamore tree in the front yard. The tree keeps the house fairly cool during the summer months and fairly cool in the fall months; cool enough for our first fire of the year! We do have a furnace, but it's old...I believe it was put in when the house was built, but I couldn't swear to that. Anyway, we find that fires actually heat the house better than the furnace does, so fires it is :)

I've posted a picture of our first fire of the season...isn't it great? I love fall.

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Mike and Sarah Paskin said...

Yippee!! I love when my friends blog...makes me feel connected even if we're miles apart! If you suddenly see your number of viewers increase, it's probably because I'm stalking you :)