Thursday, October 25, 2007


This is a picture of Tanner's first day with us. We brought him home from the pound after being informed that he had been abused and neglected by his previous family. He was so skittish and tentative. How could anyone beat this creature? Look at him! Even when he was in the pound, he was so quiet and attentive to our movements, I don't understand how someone could be mean to him.
My mom and I went for a walk yesterday and she commented on how much Tanner has changed. She said Tanner is much more confident than when we first got him. I think so too, but we're still working on him. He still has trouble eating. He buries his food sometimes. Other times he stands and looks at the full food dish for ten minutes before he takes a single morsel of food. Poor guy. Anyway, Tanner's been with us for over 2 years and we're happy to see him relax into our home and our family. He still gets a little over excited when visitors come over, but I'd rather him be over excited and lick too much than hide and pee like he did for the first month he was with us. He's our survivor and we're so proud of him!

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