Friday, October 19, 2007

Welcome, friends!

Friday, October 19, 2007.
A blog, huh? I didn't think my life was interesting enough for a blog. Probably isn't, but I'm going to have one anyway.

To start, I'll fill you in on my family. Travis is a high school math teacher. He has a degree in math, a masters in education and is currently working on his administration credential. I'm an associate clinical supervisor for a local company specializing in autism; I oversee programming and staff for four children diagnosed with autism (I'm only part-time), and hope to be involved in my company's new branch, the Infant and Toddler Program (children that are high risk for autism, or have already exhibited significant delays but do not yet have a diagnosis). I have a degree in developmental psychology, and am finishing up a masters in behavior analysis psychology. We have been married three years and have no children, two dogs, Belle and Tanner, and one cat, Elvis.
There it first blog. Pretty boring, isn't it? Don't worry, it will liven up soon enough- I'm sure of it.
Thanks for reading, enjoy your afternoon, I'm off to bake some autumn goodies...pumpkin bread to start and maybe some pumpkin cookies.
The Mrs.

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Brad & Lori said...

Margo...your blog is great. You're so advanced! I love fire season. We've yet to have one this year but hopefully soon. I go off track Friday but then we're going on vacation. We should walk our dogs together when I get back. The trees should all be changing colors by then. I hope your thesis is coming along well. Have a good week.