Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cleo's Bath

After returning from Santa Cruz, we decided to head up the hill to my parents' place in Mi Wuk.  We had a great picnic at Twain Hart's Concert in the Park event (happens every Saturday Memorial Day to Labor Day) and then decided to hike to Cleo's Bath on Sunday.  Cleo's Bath is above Pinecrest Lake and a nice three hour hike, round trip.  The weather was slightly overcast, so we had the trail and the pools to ourselves for the most part.  It's a beautiful hike, with a tad bit of rock scaling right before the pools (just enough to make me feel a lot older than my age!)  It was a great way to spend Sunday morning, and I'm so happy that we're getting back into our old active lifestyle.  Here are a few pictures from the top.   It was beautiful and I highly recommend the hike to anyone who doesn't mind sweating :)  
I took the first picture with my back to Pinecrest Lake, facing the falls.  I took the second picture as I was walking around the pools to the falls- Travis is standing just in front of the falls.   I fell in love with the crooked tree that still grew straight, so I turned around and took another picture of it :)  The falls are small, more like fountains, but they are still beautiful.  The next picture is a close up of some of them.  The last picture is from the falls looking back towards Pinecrest lake.  I was surprised at how far away we had hiked from it. 


Anonymous said...

Cleo's bath is so beautiful. I love it up there and the hike is always fun. Nice pictures.

Just Jennifer said...

We just headed up there this past week and I loved it. Almost gave up after 3hrs of walking, thought we'd never get there. We had a party of 11 and everyone was so excited to finally reach the place and swim in the pools. Love your pictures, wish I would have taken more on the hike up there.