Thursday, July 24, 2008

San Fran

Travis and I just returned home from a night in the city, trying once again to escape from the heat.  We had no plans and it was fantastic.  I loved roaming around the Union Square area without a deadline.  We just picked a direction and walked.  Wednesday afternoon we walked through Chinatown and found Mochi...a rice paste dessert we have been looking for since we moved back from Hawaii.  Yummy!  Thursday we found a farmer's market in a small outdoor mall.  There was a woman about my age standing by her tables of fresh fruit handing out free samples.  Being a child of the valley (doesn't that sound like a murderous thriller?!), I have always wondered where they grow the fruit and veggies at the "local" farmers market so I asked.  She answered (I SWEAR this happened, Travis can attest to it), "Turlock."  We started laughing and told her we were from Turlock and she thought we were joking...turns out she was selling produce from the fruit stand we frequent!  We walked down the rest of the market and found that three other Turlock fruit stands were funny.  Hilary- if you're looking for a white nectarine from home, check out the farmers market on Sutter street on Thursday mornings :)  Sooooo sweet and juicy!  The second picture is of ONE of the three major fruit stands in Turlock....isn't it beautiful?

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Hilary said...

No WAY! I love this. "Local" produce indeed! I'm going to have to check out the Sutter St. market...thanks for the tip!