Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Froggy Fog

It is so foggy out, I can't see the football stadium that's at the end of our street- it's only 5 houses away!  PLEASE travel to and from work safely, today.  Please put on your headlights and lower your speed.  I'll be traveling to work on the freeway, which will be a difficult, but Travis travels to work on country roads and it's extremely scary for me to think about.  When you're surrounded by pasture, visibility lowers to a car length or two.  To prevent driving Travis crazy with my cautionary words, I'll bestow them on all of you out there~ DRIVE CAREFULLY and MINDFULLY, your life (and my husband's life) depends on it.

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CB and Jenn Allen said...

Oh gosh! I don't miss the fog, AT ALL! I hated it sooo much. It's scary!