Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Mendo

On our second day in Mendocino was spent just like our first date in Santa Cruz ten years ago...getting lost on a mini hike.  It was great.  We found a slug that reminded us of the Banana Slugs in SC, but not quiet as yellow.  The red and orange circle is a mushroom~ one of many growing wild on the coast.  Travis spent a couple of moments drooling over the great surf and hidden diving pools.  I was  amazing at the blue-tint of the water- not dark like Hawaii, but not grey like Santa Cruz.  Travis, being the smartest man alive, explained that the water in SC is grey because the city is built on a ledge of sandstone, as compared to Mendocino, which is built on granite.  Apparently, sandstone particles suspend in the water longer than granite particles because they are lighter in density.  This clouds the water; granite particles sink quickly, leaving the water a brilliant color of blue.  Amazing!  It's like being married to my own geologist :)  Whatever the reason, the water color is gorgeous.

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