Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Breath of Life

Travis and I have been tossing around our ideas about activities for our upcoming trip to Kauai...the only thing we have scheduled "for sure" is Easter Sunday service at our old church, Breath of Life Ministries. Travis and I tell people that we were directed to the church by God himself. We had been attending different churches on the island, looking for one we felt comfortable attending. We weren't having much luck. We would usually leave at the end of a service, feeling a bit unsettled by what we were hearing. I, personally, was a little put off, feeling like we weren't going to find one that supported us in our quest to better our personal relationships with Christ. We were taking a break from churches, and spending Sunday mornings together, doing the boring things of life, like laundry and errands. One particular Sunday, we were packing up our car with our clean laundry and heading out of the parking lot when we heard a strange lomplomplomp sound. Yep. Flat tire. Travis got out to change it and a clean-cut man came over to offer help. Together, they quickly changed the tire, and we could have been on our way. Instead, the man invited us into his church, introducing himself as Pastor Tom. To be nice, we went with him. We met a few people, and were intrigued enough to come back again the next week to attend a service. That was it. For the rest of our time on the island, we attended this church and joined what events we could. I attended the women's retreats; Travis, the men's. Pastor Tom even coordinated with the pastor who was to marry us, and helped us through our pre-marital counseling sessions. We learned so much about ourselves and each other during out time at the church, that we still talk about it regularly. We still haven't found a church in Turlock that fosters the feelings we had there (could be that we haven't put as much effort into finding one, though.) Anyway, Travis and I are flying into Kauai Saturday night and were planning on attending Easter Service at BoLM, but didn't know what time...we didn't even know if Pastor Tom is still there. I finally found a phone number on the internet and gave it a call. Who answers? Pastor Tom himself!!! Whoo-hoo! I talk to him for a short while and find out all the details for the upcoming service. How exciting!!!! What better way to start off a vacation?! So, Happy Easter, friends! I hope you enjoy your day as much as we will enjoy ours.


Hilary said...

Have fun, Margo! And what a wonderful story about finding the church. Gives me hope that I'll find one in the Bay Area some day.

nuchdog said...

Margo, it's D'Lissa Iannucci. Tom and I just happened to be browsing around looking for a web page someone told us they made for the church and we came across Walsh World.
We were so bummed at the excitement you had to come see us and we barely got to talk to you guys because we were so "busy" at the service. DARN! Your post was so precious, it really blessed us. It's almost Easter again, we pray you guys celebrate with JOY what He has done!!!
Much love and aloha, D'Lissa

Margo said...

Thank you, D'Lissa! We enjoyed the service so much; it took us right back to our days of living on the island. We knew the two of you would be incredibly busy on Easter Sunday. We felt so blessed just to be attending the service. Hope you guys are doing well, and hopefully we'll be back to visit again soon :)

nuchdog said...

So cool Margo!! Make sure you e-mail us before you guys come for your next visit so we can make sure to have lunch or something!!!!
MUCH aloha to you guys!!!
Blessings, D'Lissa