Saturday, April 18, 2009

Home, Sweet Home

We're home again, after a fantastic week-long visit with old friends and places and one VERY long day of travel. I think I'm getting to old for red-eye flights ;P
I have a TON of pictures to look through before I post anything and I'm just too tired to do it today. Maybe tomorrow.

Travis' parents watched to dogs in Santa Cruz for us while we were gone, and my mom stopped by to check on Dotti for us. Mom's reported that Dotti wasn't around, but food was disappearing. Truthfully, I was quite worried that Dotti would move in with someone else because we all left her. This afternoon, we pulled in the driveway and unpacked the car. No sign of Dotti (she usually greets us from the fence). After we were settled, I went out back and called for her...she came running, meowing the whole way! She hasn't left our side and she hasn't stopped purring. I think she was lonely!!! About an hour ago, my sweet neighbor called to ask if the black and white cat was ours. When I confirmed that she was, our neighbor expressed her concern, saying she hadn't seen Dotti around for a few days and she was worried about her. Apparently, Dotti plays quite well with the neighbor cats and does so every day in a lot of the front yards. Our lovely neighbor told us she so enjoys watching the cats frolic around and was really worried that she hadn't observed the cats lately. She was so relieved to hear that Dotti was home and doing well. It makes me so happy to hear that Dotti brings joy to others. What a great cat!

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